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7 Tips to Finding the Perfect Glasses

If you require vision correction, your glasses are on your face all the time. This makes them your most vital accessory. Not only do they ensure you see the world clearly, but they will be the one item that goes with you from the office to home to a night out. For this reason, it is important you find the perfect pair of prescription lenses ottawa on. If you’re unsure of how to do this, check out these helpful tips to get started.

prescription lenses ottawa on

1: Try a variety: Even if you are almost positive you want a specific type of glasses, try a few other styles just to be sure.

2: Metal or plastic: Plastic frames have become increasingly more popular as they are more durable. Some prefer the distinct look of traditional metal frames.

3: Frames should contrast your face shape: If you have sharp, angular facial features, you will want to look at glasses with rounded frames. Those with round faces should be looking at angular or square frames.

4: Lenses should be proportionate: The size of your lenses should be relatively proportionate to the size of your face, and especially your yes. Too small, and your face will look comically magnified. Too large, and you will appear miniscule.

5: Ensure your prescription is up to date: It’s not all about style. You’ll want to ensure your prescription is up to date. These are typically good for two years, although some individuals will need new prescriptions every year due to progressive eyesight issues.

6: Consider buying two: Many places offer deals when purchasing two sets of prescription lenses. Having two gives you one for business, and one for every day. Or, it can serve as a backup in the event something happens to your first pair. Having two to match a variety of outfits or occasions is always a promising idea.


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